Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Three Wise Men - 5 differerent ways

The General, the hummingbird who guarded the feeder, is gone and he has taken his buddies with him. All three were there on Saturday, but on Sunday we only saw one and Monday, none were seen. I guess they are all on their way to S.America. By the way, hummingbirds do NOT ride on the backs of geese to go south. That is an old wives tale that will not go away. Amazing as it seems, the fly all the way on their own.

It was back to Aqua Fit today and then after lunch hubby decided to go for a walk "around the block" - this is our "short walk but a long block" as it takes us about 55 minutes to walk it. For some idiotic weak moment I decided to go with him. Our bodies are suppose to thank us for exercising but my legs were saying "What the heck were you thinking woman?" most of the way. But, we made it and maybe I'll get thanked later...maybe not!

Christmas is fast approaching. I had a free stamp rental from the Paper Pickle (who is down sizing and I'm not happy about that) and I picked a Christmas stamp. Once again, I decided to see how many different ways I could make cards from one stamp. Here are five of them. There were others but they were gone before I photographed them...but they were similiar to some of these.

This one is silver on a red card base. The white cardstock was run thru a Cuttlebug Snowflake Folder and then I cut out a circle and put the embossed image behind it.

After embossing the image in black I went over it with various Distress inks and them mounted it on goldish paper and then on the background paper that had a strip of Christmas paper glued on top, with gold trim along the edges.

Same colouring as the one above and same goldish paper but the background was a black card base that I ran only have thru the Cuttlebug folder and then highlighted the embossed areas with gold ink. The ribbon matches the goldish paper pretty well too.

A silver and gold card with a big white bow.

A gold and black card.

To tell you the truth I had trouble getting this image to release properly. Several pieces went into the recycle bin. When I told Kim this (owner of the Paper Pickle) her employee Deb piped up and set with this type of stamp (negative image stamp) it's best to ink it up, lay it down flat and put the paper on top and rub it with your hands. Kim didn't know this tip either so she had Deb try it out. Sure enough, perfect image transfer. I'll keep this in mind for the future for sure.

OK, break is over. Back to the sewing room and the costumes!

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