Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A new stamped image

Yesterday was a day of surprises, one good, one funny (to me). Monday and Tuesday were weird speech days for me because of my brain disorders. Not sure why, as usual, but likely because of the sudden drop in temperature. I always kid that instead of having multi personalities, I have multiple speech patterns. So, Monday and Tuesday I was speaking like I was totally impaired - and I'm a total abstainer! I do not drive when I'm like that even though my motor functions are fine, but how could I convince a police officer that I wasn't impaired if I got stopped in a police check? So, no driving means no going to the Y for Aqua Fit. About quarter past ten Joe says he's going for a walk uptown and did I want to go? Sure, why not. As long as I bundle up well, I should get too much worse. We get about a block from home when I tell him something - and this is the good surprise - my speech is 100% normal. What? That never happens when I go out into the cold but it was a pleasant surprise.

Now, here is the funny surprise; although Joe didn't think it was as funny as I did. Remember the new winter coat I told you about last week? Well, he suggested I wear it because it was only about 1C (33F) so I put it on and we walked to the mall, around the mall, thru a survey and back home - about 1-1/2 hr walk. As we were walking home all of a sudden he says, "What's this?" and grabs something hanging off my coat. It's the sale tags! I thought I had removed them but I didn't - and yes, we were back into the store where I bought the coat. He couldn't believe I had worn it without removing the tags. Well, the coat is black and all the tags were black and they were in the arm pit so with my arm down, they really weren't visible. I was laughing so hard but he kept telling me it wouldn't be funny if someone in the store had noticed it - especially since the sales receipt was safely tucked in my purse which was at home. I still think it's funny - just a typical Violet thing to do! I took tags off as soon as we got into the house though!

OK, enough about that, here's the card for today. Normally on Tuesday I post an Art Journal page but last week it was completely out of my memory bank and I didn't do one. I did pick up a couple new stamps when the local scrapbooking store was selling them for 50% off and this is the first time I've coloured up this image.

This is another Stamping Bella stamp. Coloured it with Prismacolor pencils and gamsol, as usual and added some glitter for sparkle. The white lace is from a MS punch and the background paper is from an old 6" paper pack. This card could go to anyone from a little girl to an adult. I did another one in pink I'll post another day. I have a feeling this stamp is going to become a favorite.


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jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for the (33F) reference.....i never did learn my Celsius conversions. LOL! I cannot even imagine getting my hubby to take a walk in 33 degrees! Hugs! deb

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