Thursday, November 15, 2012

Road Hockey

Pretty boring day yesterday. Aqua Fit in the morning, lunch out with friends and another 1-1/2 walk in the afternoon, supper and card making in the evening....a nice day but nothing out of the ordinary. The weird "I've-been-partying-all-night-speech pattern" is back this morning so could be a shut-in day once again. Oh well, I have quilts for the Alzheimer Ward at the nearby nursing homes to make and cards and scrapbooking to do. I always keep busy and if I don't feel like doing anything, I have a huge pile of books to read.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I haven't posted a scrapbook page for awhile so that's what I'm doing today. Canada is known for its love of hockey and these two grandsons are no exception.

                                      First page of the 2 page spread.

                                                 Second page.
Jack and Grampa had some plastic hockey sticks I had picked up at the dollar store the year before - when Seth was too small to play. They didn't have any more this year but Seth was happy with a golf club. There are no rules in this game and no one is really sure who is with or against whom but they sure have fun.

                                         Here are the two pages together.

My camera was not working right the day I photographed these so the photos have glare on them. In real life they are sharp and clear. The main title started out mostly shades of light brown and blue but not all the same colour so I simply dabbed on various alcohol inks  to get the look I wanted. The long journaling piece on the right balances off the three photos on the right. The black horizontal strips keep the eye moving around the page.

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