Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Splattered Posies and Lights Out

Well, I went had the deep cleaning or scaling done on my teeth yesterday and just as the hygienist was finishing the polishing, the lights went out! What a stroke of luck that she had just finished. While I'm getting the teeth done, Joe sits in the car and waits and when I told him the lights went out he gave me the "Did you do something?" look. NO, it wasn't me. He does have a good reason for the look though. You see a couple of years ago we were in a restaurant in Sarnia in the winter and I had worn my big heavy winter coat. It had a wind proof outside liner and the restaurant booth had a slippery seat and the coat had slipped off a bit. As we were getting ready to go I picked up my coat and it seemed to be stuck on something so I gave it a gentle shake and a pull and SPARK - CRACKLE - POP! I jumped and half the lights went out. Turns out the zipper pull on my coat was inside a loose light socket under the table and when I shook it, it hit the bare wires and caused a spark. Oh oh! I showed Joe where the spark had left a burn mark on the metal zipper pull (and the lady who owned the restaurant saw me show him). Joe hustled me out after we paid our bill and when I got outside I said "Gee, she didn't even offer us a discount and my zipper pull is burnt"! "DISCOUNT?" he says in astonishment "I got us out of there before she decided to make you pay for the damage!" Humph. Let her try. Wasn't my fault they had a loose socket cover! Yup, another one of those strange incidents that seem to happen to me.

On with the card posting. I like this stamp and all the different ways I can use it.

I stamped it with just black Archival ink and the flowers and leaves were coloured in with a mixture of various inks. I also ran some ink down the stems. The background was sponged first with Broken China Distress ink and then I splatted some diluted ink in both red and blue here and there.  I wrapped a ribbon around it and mounted it on a piece of matching pinky/wine paper, tearing the bottom to give it some dimension. Then I added the peel-and-stick sentiment and swirl and then glued it to the background paper. It's a bit more on the artsy side, which I like.

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