Saturday, December 1, 2012

Handcrafted ornaments and the Flu Bug

The flu bug has hit our house! Yikes! Hubby woke up this morning and ate breakfast and all was well. He did a couple of loads of laundry (yes, hubby does laundry, I do not) and was taking an armful of clean sheets and clothes upstairs but dropped them on the table quickly and made a mad dash to the bathroom. Wow, that hit quickly. Since then he's had a cup of tea and one cracker, which did not stay down either, so definitely got the flu bug. Of course, the first thing he says is "So much getting the flu shot" but I explained to him, again, that the flu shot is for the serious respiratory flu that can kill people, not the 24 hour stomach flu! I sure hope he doesn't share it!

While I was decorating the tree yesterday I snapped a few pictures of some of the decorations that I've made over the years. These ones I made about 18 or 19 years ago and they are looking a little shabby and need to be redone but at least you will get the idea of how to make them for yourself. I didn't put them on the tree this year they were so beat up looking.

As the sign says, I made these from used Avon blush containers - mini ones. I used to sell Avon (and did very well at it and loved it but had to quit when I got sick) and my customers would keep their empty blush containers for me. Each one is a little different.

Here's a close up of one of them.

That picture is my beautiful granddaughter, Kadri, who was about 2 when this picture was taken, and is now almost 21 so yeah, these are oldies. First, find some containers with a clear lid. Paint the container - I used gold paint. Cut your picture to size and glue it in. If you look back at the first picture you will notice that some of the pictures have shifted so obviously the glue has dried out over the years. I likely just used a glue stick as supplies were limited back then. Wrap ribbon or lace around the edge and glue it down. Decorate the top and glue in a hanger. Done!

This next ornament was taught to me by my friend and nearby neighbour who came to Canada from South Africa. She is also the one that challenged me to make the African doll (check under Labels for dolls to see them).

I made these for all my daughters and some friends too. Fun to make with chunky chenille, one large jingle bell for the belly and small ones on the ends of the arms and legs, and a wooden head. Just twist the two pieces of chenille together and insert them in the jingle bell - you may have to pry open the ends, and then squeeze them shut again. I stuck the ones that go into the head into Tacky glue first to make sure they stay there. The small pompoms are also glued on with Tacky glue....great glue!

I'll post some more oldies another day! Have a great weekend everyone!

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