Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mr. & Ms. Santa

There is still snow on the ground so we just may have a white Christmas after all. Today I made chocolate cupcakes for Joe and I'll probably take some over to the neighbour who fixes our computer when it goes bizarre. He always jokes that he works for me for my cookies and cupcakes so I have to keep them coming!

 After a delightful luncheon out with the Aqua Fit group yesterday I decided to try something new. I have a huge bucket of small strips of cotton fabric, in various widths and lengths, from quilt projects and I usually use them for string quilts or crazy quilts but this time I decided to make crazy quilt bookmarks. They turned out OK but still in the planning stage. I zig zagged around one of them and ran one thru the serger to see which one I liked best. I think I'll go with the serger. Everyone in my family, including the sons-in-law are readers so I need to make lots.

 Of course I'm still making microwave potholders for the daughters but we won't be getting together for our family Christmas until later in January (big pout) so I have time finish them. Have you seen microwave potholders before? They are curved, quilted squares with batting in them that you set a bow into before you microwave something. Then you just pick it up and the potholder saves your fingers from burned. Works great. A quilting friend of mine showed me how to make them but I did find this tutorial on the Web. Check it out if you want to make one - easy, easy to make.


But I'm not showing quilting today. Instead I'm posting Mr. and Ms. Claus that I painted many years ago.

I love Santa and the old Father Christmas dolls. I have quite a selection of them in various medias, painted, ceramics, tall skinny ones and more. These are on 1/2" plywood and I made a pair for myself and all the girls too. Although we celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, we all still love the fun part as well.

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jinxxxygirl said...

Nope i've never seen or heard of a microwave bowl potholder. I hope you'll show us yours!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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