Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mr.Snowman and Ms. Snowlady

What a wet miserable day it was here. The dampness just chilled right thru us. Once again, I wasn't up to doing much so we did a few errands, ate lunch out, did some more Christmas shopping because I forgot one thing, and stopped to visit with the sister-in-law. All that pretty much took care of the morning and into the late afternoon. I just realized that I didn't post anything today so it's a little late but here it is.

This is a Mr. Snowman and Ms. Snowlady that I painted many years ago. I actually painted a pair for all the girls too. It's pretty simple tole painting, not fine art, but once in awhile it's nice to do something quick and easy. This would be a good project for kids or people just getting into tole painting. Not sure where I got the pattern from so I can't give you a link and it was so long ago, it would be out of print.

These started out as 1/2" boards, not sure what kind I used but I think it was some pressed type. I cut them out myself up at the senior centre's wood shop. It seams no one in my family, especially hubby, wants me to own saws! The guys at the wood shop let me though - of course, they don't know my background of being a klutz and I sure didn't tell them. Like I said, these are years old and done when I first started tole painting. I would have done a little more shading and highlighting if I was doing them now but they're OK.

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