Friday, December 7, 2012

A Card and Bookmark together - a Bellariffic Friday Card

What a night I had. Didn't feel too bad when I went to bed so I set the alarm hoping to go to Aqua Fit for the first time this week. It was not to be. The pressure set in and I was still awake at 1:30 so I turned the alarm off. Read, moved to the TV room and watched last part of It's a Wonderful Life and another show I had taped, and then watched the weather network hoping it would put me to sleep but it wasn't happening. So I finally went back to bed and about 3:30 I was able to sleep. So, knowing I would not have enough active brain cells to create anything today I told hubby I was going to go Christmas shopping and he decided to come too - he drives and its an excuse to get out of the house for him.  I just knew if I stayed home I would likely fall asleep this afternoon and then would be up all night again. Besides, I haven't done much shopping so it needed to get done. He knows the drill - do not question ANYTHING that I am even thinking about buying, do not stand behind me fidgeting and do not even try to rush me. We get in the store or mall and off he goes and off I go! Excellent planning.

So, now I'm back home and hoping this cup of coffee is going to keep me moving and groovin' - no, I'll be happy if I can just keep moving around today.

I did get a couple of cards made this week, including one for the Bellariffic Friday challenge. This week's challenge at Stamping Bella was to make a tag, using one of her stamps of course. I decided to make both a tag and a card, with the tag becoming a bookmark later on.

I took a piece of double sided paper and cut one 2-1/2" and the other 1-1/2" by 5.5 which was the size of my card base. Then I taped them together at the back and placed a gold peel-and-stick line down the seam. Then I took a piece of cream cardstock, trimmed the top edge and sponged some Distress Ink around it and stamped the sentiment and then glued it on the sides only to the joined paper.I added gold squiggle lines around the edges. Then I glued it all to the card base.
For the tag I first stamped the flowers and embossed them white. Then I sponged several different Distress inks all around both sides of the card, ending with Mustard Seed which really brings out the colour of the others nicely. Once the ribbon was added I just slipped the tag into the pocket. Now the recipient will have a one-of-a-kind bookmark to use.

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