Monday, February 4, 2013

A Glittery Happy Anniversary Card

I have the best and most thoughtful hubby in the world! Not sure what I did to deserve meeting him and having him love me but marrying him was the best decision I ever made. Let me start at the beginning - it's snowing again, falling softly and lightly, just the way I love it...and it's mild today...only -7C which is about 19F...but with no cold wind blowing so it's quite a lovely temperature to walk in. We love walking while its snowing. Its about the only part of snow I do like. Trouble is this blasted cold I have just will not go away. So, hubby announces he is going for a walk - and will walk to the library to get my books that are ready to be picked up and I really need them as I'm running out of books again. So nice of him. But he wasn't done yet. As I was getting my library card and the book to go back to the library, he goes out to the backyard and brings in the bird feeders. They were almost empty and he knows how much I love seeing the birds in the backyard and didn't want me to go out there myself when I'm sick. See, told you. So thoughtful. He's a gem for sure. He also took out some warm water to put in the bird bath. People forget that it's very hard for the birds to find water in the winter time so I always take some out for them.

OK, enough of that mushy stuff. On with the card. Today I'm posting an Anniversary card I made that I quite like.

I had no idea what I was going to do when I started out so I guess that's why I'm surprised I liked it in the end. I stamped the image and embossed it with gold embossing powder on water colour paper. I coloured it with Tombow markers this time but sorry, I don't keep track of which ones I used, and spread them with water. Obviously some pink, purple and turquoise ones and a few greens for the leaves. Then I covered the flower with glue, pounced some on the leaves and poured on some glitter. Not bad. The background was also done with Tombow markers and spread with water to give it that water-coloured affect. I added a bow and the silver peel-and-stick in the corner and them stamped the sentiment. It was then mounted on a light purple rectangle, then on some paper that had old script writing on it and then the whole thing was glued to the card base and I called it done!

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jinxxxygirl said...

Violet i hope you feel better soon! Your hubby is so sweet and taking good care of you. :)

Its in the 60's today here in central CA.....suppose to be like that all week i think.....i don't know what happened to our rainy season but its not happening...we could use it too.
Lovely the colors!
Hugs! deb

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