Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Find Your Own Joy

Still sick. Joe just mentioned this morning that he can't believe how this cold I have is hanging on. He knows when he gets a cold it lasts for the normal 7 - 10 days or more but the rare time I've had one, it comes and goes in 3 days. Not this time. Our only theory is that my body was tired from fighting the long and drawn out attacks from the brain disorders and my immune system must be down. Who knows. Hard to be creative when you feel crummy though so I haven't got much done.

I did manage to do an art journal page this week though. The challenge over at Stamping Bella was to make an art journal page using only vintage photos. I have a lot of them that I've downloaded from the Internet, mostly from the Graphics Fairy, and I think this where I got this one from.

I watch a lot of mixed media and art journal videos on YouTube and they are an interesting and varied lot. I prefer the ones that tell a story instead of the ones that are just various paint and paper glued on collage style. Those are interesting to look at but just not my style. Here's my page.

I was looking at my collection of old photos and I came across this one of four beautiful ladies looking bored. I thought to myself, they look like they are waiting for something to happen to cheer them up. Bingo! The page idea was born. 

The background is my usual mixture of various sprays, ink and paint. Once the ladies were glued down I outlined them with a brown pen and added some tissue tape along the bottom edge, just for a little extra dimension. Besides, I bought this tissue tape on sale (of course) at Michael's in December and hadn't used it yet. I also stamped the border under the tape with Stazon ink. The sentiments were printed out on my Brother tape maker that I usually forget to use! Once they were on, I stamped the little butterflies with black Stazon. There you are, four ladies ignoring the beautiful butterflies all around them while they wait for something else to enjoy. I hope you find your own joy today, as small as it may be, enjoy it!

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