Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coffee Cup Thank You Card

Well the computer problems continue. Although we finally got all my files transferred from the old desktop to the laptop which is now my processor, I found out that the hyperlinks don't work. In case you don't know what a hyperlink is, it is the embedded "thingy" in someones blog that takes you to that site when you click on the word or words that are in italics. When I click on them, nothing happens if I use Internet Explorer, but works on FireFox. So odd. So far I have not found a fix for it. Always something.

I haven't been down in the 'lower studio' much this week what with changing computers around, doing out the income tax and having hubby down with the flu again, and now the sister-in-law in hospital again. What a week. Good job we didn't offer to keep our grandsons for March break. The good news of the week is that my voice started to come back on Tuesday and is now as strong (okay loud) as ever. Laryngitis finally gone! However, I did get this card make last week.
and it is a little different then I usually make and I know I will change it up next time I make it but its okay!

I bought a bag of mixed crafting supplies at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago and it included several Making Memories stencils of this cup. It had lines across the body of the cup which, according to the package directions, was for journaling on for scrapbook pages. Directions? Who needs directions, right. Well, I had to do something different then that. So I traced the cup onto the striped paper and cut it out and inked the edges, folding the handle back to ink the crease. Then I cut out another piece for the back of the cup. Once assembled it looked bare so I ran a gold pen around the edges. Much better. The background was a left over piece of blue that I put through the Cuttlebug in a Spellbinder's embossing stencil. It just left a light, almost, watermark design which is what I wanted. I used a stamp to create the steam by embossing it in white. As I was searching through my paper stash I found that strip of paper and lo and behold it was the perfect size to go across the card and the blue flowers matched the background. Pays to be a pat rack! I added the peel-and-stick sentiment and called it done! Changes - well, I wanted to use my stamp that says "Thanks a Latte" but it was too big for the card so I'll have to work that in somehow or print it out maybe. 

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