Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Purple Thank You Card

Computers! When they work I enjoy them, but when they don't ...GGGrrrrrrrr. We have been switching everything from the old desktop to a laptop but will be using the laptop as the processor so I can use my large monitor and regular keyboard but the neighbour doing this is so busy it has not been completed yet. So, half of what I want to do is one one computer, the other half on the other one. So confusing. Last night I sat down at the desktop to post a card and the cards I just made and downloaded were not in their folder. Then it dawned on me that I had downloaded them to the laptop which was not on. I thought I would do it later but later never happened.

This card I'm posting was made using some recycled paper! In other words, some ugly paper I gave a make-over to. Double click to make any picture larger.

That bottom purple paper used to be a dull, ugly paper with a weird design. I had a few of them so I spread them out and sprayed them with Rangers ink, spread the ink with a damp sponge brush and dried it. Sprayed again - lightly - and dried it. Sprayed again with my home-made glimmer mist and dried again. The result was stunning. I did the same with some ugly green paper too. I don't care if the design shows up in places either because it adds dimension.

I joined the made-over purple with a light purple and added a ribbon on the seam.
The image is from Paper Wishes (Hot Off the Press - Labels and Frames) -
 love this set - and I stamped it on white cardstock with grape ink. Then I stamped the butterfly (same set) with a light pink just to give it some colour. I hand cut out the label- wish it came with a die! - and glued it to the base with dimensional glue dots and then added the ribbon.

So, if you have some ugly paper, give it a make-over! I did some 12x12 sheets too but used stencils and paint as well as ink. I'll show case those on another card.

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