Monday, March 18, 2013

Running The Bases

Colllllldddddd, windy day here in Ontario. I am so tired of winter. We are also expecting a lot of rain today. Last night Joe told me there was no use setting the alarm in time to go to Aqua Fit because the weather report said to expect freezing rain and ice pellets in the morning. Needless to say, it didn't happen and we both slept in. Oh well, it's very cold and we were so tired last night we needed a sleep in.

I thought I would post the companion page to the scrapbook page I posted on Saturday. I have not printed out any of my many, many photos for 2012 because I thought it would be better to re-size them to fit the layouts first but I haven't quite figured out how to do this and remember which layout I had in mind. I'm still working on it. I've been trying to find the instructions on-line to learn how to design my own reusable templates but so far I haven't found them. The pre-made ones from Scrapbook Etc. (still can't believe they canceled that magazine) are okay but they don't always work with my photos.

Anyway, here's the page.

The boys had a great time on holidays by taking in a baseball game. After the game, they let the kids run the bases. And, as you can tell by the smile on Jack's face, they loved it. Seth was too little to run by himself so Joey ran with him while Barbi took the pictures. She said Jack ran so fast she didn't have time to get the picture of Joey and Seth running and get over to see Jack cross home plate so him running towards it was the best she could do. First I tried to enlarge him but then it removed the background so it didn't show the stadium seats and him running the bases, just running. I love that I can do that with Photoshop Elements before printing off the photos. So, this is what I did instead. To hi-lite him in the picture I cut a white circle and then a blue circle and used that as a frame around him. Then I put a thick cardstock sticker beside it with the bat pointing towards him.

 I used up the last of the blue cardstock buy die cutting and embossing strips with the Spellbinders Edgeabilities and using them on the bottom photo. For the title I die cut the letters twice, once in the blue and once in a light blue and overlapped them so it looks like a shadow. The baseball was done the same way as the I did on the other page.

Not sure what I feel like doing today. I have a couple of quilt projects on the go (okay maybe more then a couple), cards to make, scrapbook pages to finish and I've started painting one of the two old milk cans I have. So many hobbies, so little time.

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