Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What a Day!....and a card

What a day! What a day, I say! I woke up feeling so much better then the last two days and was all set to go to Aqua Fit this morning. I jumped in the car and turned the key only to hear erreererrrerrr! That's not good. I went back inside and told Joe and asked him to go out just to make sure it wasn't just me and my bad luck. Nope! It was a no-go but luckily we have CAA (AAA in the U.S.A.) and the fellow came and did his little testing and sure enough it was the battery. By the time the new battery was in, it was after 10:00 so no Aqua Fit.

However, the day got better! My back-up camera, Canon SX-10, is almost 4 years old and the extended warranty is running out in April. It has been given me some trouble, nothing major, but annoying trouble so Joe decided we should get it back to Henry's before the warranty expired. With the extended warranty, if the camera has to go back for repairs 3 times, they replace it. Now, Joe mentioned this to me on the way to Windsor but I said  no way are they going to replace a camera almost 4 years old. They'll come up with some reason not to. I was wrong. He was right....and this time I'm glad he was right. They replaced it with - get this - a Canon SX-50! Wow! I went from a 10 - 50! Nice camera! So, if you are looking for a camera, I recommend Henry's and their extended warranty. Can't wait to get out birding and get some good shots.

On with the card.

I like the way this card turned out. Last Christmas I got some cards in my stocking but they were not the kind that you decorate, but the kind you send out as is...which is not me at all. So I cut off the front of it, added a ribbon across the middle and mounted it on a brown card base. The stamp is from Paper Wishes and it comes with several different label type stamps and sayings. I stamped this one in brown, cut around it leaving the white edge and mounted it with dimensional glue dots. The butterfly was cut from the left over from the card base using the Stampin' Up die. I added some left over pieces of gold peel-and-stick wavy lines down the middle.

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