Monday, April 15, 2013

A Bellariffic Friday Card on Monday?

I'm back!..still sick but getting better. Hubby and I have been married for almost 25 years and he says he cannot remember me being even half this sick before. I knew on Friday the cough was not going away on its own. We were sitting on opposite ends of the couch and he looked over and said "I can hear you wheezing from here!"....and I knew I had a fever (ended up being 104F by the time I got to the doctor) so I called my doctor who was not in that day but got an appointment at the clinic's Urgent Care doctor that night. Bronchitis - big time. My cough was so severe and often that my whole upper body ached. Yesterday I felt like I had cracked ribs my sides hurt so much when I had to cough. Today the cough is not as severe or as often so I hope I'm on my way back to good health.

Today was a beautiful day here in Ontario and Joe enjoyed being outside doing some yard clean-up. (Big pout from me) I did sneak out and pick some daffodils that are now blooming but that's about it. Joe looked at me standing so forlornly on the porch and said "You look like a car that wants to go but the motor won't start"! He nailed it. That's pretty much how I felt too. I just didn't have the energy to even want to do much. Maybe tomorrow.

I happened to have a card for Stamping Bella's challenge last Friday but I was too sick to post anything so I thought I'd get caught up and post it today.

Using up more scraps! I love it when I look thru the stash and find paper that co-ordinates - and even the ribbon. This Stamping Bella image is one of my favorites for Thinking of You cards and Birthday Cards. I coloured it with Prismacolor pencils and gamsol and added gems to the centre of the flowers. The setiment and heart are peel-and-stick.

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jinxxxygirl said...

Beautiful card! And lovely lady i hope you are feeling better soon!!! My goodness! Its been quite some time since i have been REALLY sick...knock on wood!!We get some stuffiness from allergies and such but its been years since we've been really sick and we don't even get the flu shot they try to push on us every year..... Take good care and take a nap....I always find it so hard to give in and just go lay down when i don't feel well but i usually feel better when i wake up! Hugs! deb

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