Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Rainy Day Get Well Soon Card

It has been raining, raining, raining and even lightening and thundering here in Ontario and not expected to end any time soon. Except for Saturday its suppose to rain every day until next Tuesday. The baseball game in Detroit was rain delayed for 2-1/2 hours but they got the game in and Toronto Blue Jays beat the Tigers!!! Yay!!!! Joe is not happy about this but I am.

Now here's the strange thing about today and this weather we are having. Usually, like 98% of the time, anytime it's raining or even low atmospheric pressure and especially when there is a thunder storm, my brain disorders go into overtime and I am down and out with terrible pain and weird speech. Today, not much different then other days but instead of having a good day, I feel like crapola because of this terrible deep cough I have. Joe looked at me coughing like I was about to cough up a fur ball this morning and mentioned that the rain is not affecting me but the cough sure was. He shook his head and said, "Poor baby. You just can't win, can you?" Nope, not often but I won the lottery when I married him!!!

So, today's card is a Get Well Soon card. Maybe I made it by me for me?

This pink triangle with the window cut out is from an old greeting card somebody gave me. I find bags of old greeting cards in my mailbox sometimes because word has gotten around that I use them. Anyway, I liked it so I cut it out and put it in the "stash" which I'm back to using up. I found the pink tulip paper and the pink stripe in the stash as well. The bird was stamped with hot pink ink and then I sponged some Distress ink around the edges. It didn't photograph very well but it is quite pretty in real life. I added the gold peel-and-stick sentiment, design and wavy lines and decided that was all it needed.

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jinxxxygirl said...

Aaaawww i hope you feel better soon Violet! Knock on wood , except for a small bout with allergies a little while ago hubby and i have been remarkably well since coming to CA . Hubby has asthma and we both agree his asthma has improved 100% since we moved to CA. I hardly ever see him use his inhaler. Such a blessing.
What a beautiful card you made for yourself. :) Get well soon my friend!

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