Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summer Fun

Another Sunday, warm (about 60F), windy and chance of rain here. Joe has another cold and I'm feeling out-of-sorts. Not sure what's wrong with me but I sure hope its not the flu. If you don't see any posts from me for a few days you'll know why. This morning started out wrong right from waking up groggy. I peeled an orange - a huge navel orange that looked so good - and it was as tough as chewing on bark. Next orange - same thing. Garbaged both of them. So I microwaved-baked some apples for Joe (we always have some fruit for breakfast) and thought I'd make myself a toasted English Muffin. I usually add some organic almond butter (instead of peanut butter) a sliced apple and a slight touch of honey on top. Well, I grabbed the honey, popped off the top bit (I thought) and squeezed. Turns out the top that screws onto the honey jar was not on tight and I had pulled the entire top off - and had about a half a cup of honey all over the breakfast. I tried to find some spots without honey but after a couple bites I gave up - more garbage! Then I decided I really didn't want any breakfast anyway - okay, this was a clue I was more then groggy. I always eat breakfast as soon as I get up. About 45 minutes later I thought I should make some toast so I don't get a headache. Took a few bites and that was it. Not hungry. This is not looking good!

So, that's my sad story for this morning. They day is going to get better though - I'm gonna make it get better!  I thought today I would post a scrapbook layout. We had two of our grandsons here for a few days and this layout shows one afternoon with them.

It really isn't a two page layout but I decided if they were going to be opposite each other, they may as well match. The boys love hockey and love playing driveway hockey with Grampa. Here's the first page up close.

Seth was only three and didn't mind using a small plastic golf club as a hockey stick. He plays by his own rules anyway. Sometimes the golf club was a hockey stick, sometimes a gun and sometimes we weren't sure what he was doing with it. We have a brick driveway and unfortunately the ants have a couple of nests in it. He was watching the ants along the driveway so I took out my ant stamp (that I was sure I would never use but it came in a stamp set) and stamped it across a couple sections, including right on the photograph - use Stazon or Archival ink if stamping on photos! He had a little tumble and remembered that Grandma has Mickey Mouse band aids and insisted he needed one on each knee. Such a cutie. The little bird I positioned on top of his golf club/hockey stick/gun was die cut from a Memory Box die. Love that little bird die.

We decided to have pizza for supper so here's the next page.

Time out for Pizza! The boys love this bag of knights I picked up at the thrift store and Grampa stayed with them while I went and got the pizza.  I stayed with the circles as journal spots, some cut off, some off-set, and some with bold backgrounds just for variety. The word Pizza was die cut using a Sizzix die.

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