Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saving Turtles and Birds and Nature Photos

We don't usually turn the computer on until late afternoon or after supper so that's when I normally post something. However, yesterday was a different story. Yesterday we were gone all afternoon walking around the lake at Erieau and the weather was perfect. However, at supper time the first of many thunderstorms hit. Let me tell you people, they were monster storms. I'm not the least bit afraid of lightening or thunderstorms but I did peek out the window a couple of times to make sure there was no funnel cloud coming at us. I wasn't on the computer last night long enough to do much. The last storm didn't end until almost 3:30 a.m. Hard to sleep with that going on! Today is another quiet day. I'm trying to get two quilt tops finished before the quilt guild meeting tomorrow night.

No card today, just some neat photos and a story.

So, the first photo I want to post is of a turtle that I rescued. 

We were leaving Rondeau Park on Sunday and this turtle was right in the middle of the main road. Joe pulled over and I got out and moved him off into the grass, and just in time too as two large pick-up trucks came barreling down the road and would have run over her. Yes, it's a her. I didn't know what kind of a turtle it was so I emailed a picture to the Rondeau Park Staff and this was her reply.
"Thank you Thank you Thank you

 So many people don’t stop to help. That is a wonderful female Map Turtle who is one her way to or just finished laying eggs.

That was wonderful that you moved her. Often turtles have to be in upwards of 20 years old before they can lay eggs. You saved many generations of turtles with that act.

 Take care,
Emily Slavik
Natural Heritage Education Specialist
Rondeau Provincial Park"

How she knew it was a female is beyond me but besides that, I had no idea that a turtle had to be 20 years old before it could reproduce. So, if you see a turtle on the road and you can safely pull over, please do so and remove it. Snapping turtles should not be picked up but the others can.
I love dragonflies and this one caught my attention very quickly.

Love the little fly catchers!

This sailboat was just leaving the dock at Erieau. This is Lake Erie, one of the 5 Great Lakes.
That's all for now. Take care and have a great day.
ps: today is our wedding anniversayr - 25 years! We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast out with hubby's sister and other then that, it's just another day. We celebrate every day we are together, not just once a year.

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jinxxxygirl said...

OH Violet Happy Anniversary!!!!
AND you saved a turtle!!! How awesome!!! Hugs! deb

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