Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The More Candles the Bigger the Wish

Oh boy, what a nightmare. I woke up at 5:00 this morning dreaming that the police and blood hounds were chasing me. I ran and ran and ran and then climbed up a very tall tree (which would never happen if I'm awake) but the blood hounds found me and were climbing up to get me. Okay, when having blood hounds climbing a tree to get you wake you up, there is no going back to sleep. Odd dream for sure. Very tired now. We went out this morning and I bought a new pillow. Mine has been lumpy so I'm blaming the pillow for the odd dream!

Today's card was an experiment using two different embossing folders that actually worked.

These are Sizzix embossing folders. The bottom was embossed with one folder and then I ran chalk over it to colour it. It needed something at the top and wondered if one of the small embossing folders would work so I tried it and it worked great. I ran green chalk over the embossed areas and then I just stamped the sentiment. Love it when experiments work.

I'm now taking my tired body down to do some more creative art therapy.

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