Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Large Flower Card

It's been a couple of days since I've posted so let get caught up.

Neighbourhood Action - an elderly gentlemen had a black-out coming to the stop sign where we live (3-way stop) and crossed the medium, up the curb, crossed two driveways and rammed into my neighbour's (two doors down) new car and pushed it thru and into her garage which totalled both cars. She had just stepped from the garage into her kitchen seconds before the crash. The gentleman was shook up but not hurt bad and no one else was injured. Scary. His car started on fire a bit but was quickly extinguished. If he had swerved to the right instead of left towards our house he would have hit a hydro pole instead which would have been worse for him. The neighbour's son happened to be coming down the street to visit his mom and saw the accident. Needless to say he was a bit shook up.

Fun Stuff - hubby and I went biking on Saturday and had a BBQ lunch at Wheatley Provincial Park on Sunday and then played ladder toss all afternoon. It was hot and humid so too hot for a long walk but the ladder toss game was too much fun to leave anyway. If you haven't seen this game, Google it or look for it at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Fun, fun game.

We did walk across the bridges to see if the Green Huron happened to be out for a picture but it was not. The Blue Heron was too far away for a picture but I did get a nice photo of a White-tail Dragonfly and a turtle popping his head out for a drink.

The log was sticking out of the water and the dragonfly would fly around for about 15 seconds and then land back on the log. Pretty easy to get a picture of this one standing on the bridge and looking down. I love dragonflies!

Looking down from the bridge into the murky water - sandy bottom so the water is always murky here. There were dozens of turtles swimming around. Nice to see.

Bad stuff - who wants to dwell on that. Not me. Bad days become history so I don't look back - I'm not going that way!

Art therapy - Okay so yesterday was not a particularly good day for a few reasons so I did what I normally do, immerse myself in art projects. It's well known that a person cannot be creative and worry at the same time. I finished up a couple of scrapbook pages, did some colouring on stamped images ready to be made into cards and watched some Youtube videos on scrapbooking, card making and mixed media techniques. So, next time you are upset, worried or stressed out, go make something! Anything, just make something. Trust me. It works.

Today's card is one I finished a week or so ago. I had picked up some Sizzix dies at the thrift store last year and the large flower on this card was one of them. I've only used it a few times because it is so large but I really like how this card turned out. All the paper is from "the stash".

The die cuts out the flower as it is on the card. I simply twirled the petals around a pencil to get them to curve a bit leaving the cut edge almost flat. The leaf vine is also from Sizzix but I bought it at a craft store. The large green button just set it off nicely. The "thread" on the button is not actually thread but a thin strip of the same paper the flower was cut from I just put it thru and taped it down and then used glue dots to secure it to the flower. The sentiment is a peel and stick.

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