Sunday, July 7, 2013

Backyard Fun

Well it looks like we are rained out today, at least for outdoor activities. Rain and thunderstorms predicted. This weather is not typical summer weather in Ontario. It’s been years since we've had this many rainy days in a row. Although we had a great day yesterday, it poured rain about 9:00 last night. Oh well, it is what it is.

This is another scrapbook layout in my typical style – clean and simple with just a few embellishments. Although I enjoy seeing the pages with one photo and scads of embellishments, it’s just not my style and I have way too many photos to do one per page. I would have to add a room to the house just store the albums!


 This is my daughter and her two boys and of course hubby. I try hard now to get them to take my picture once in awhile but sometimes I forget. The green speckled background paper came as is and I just added strips in contrasting colour, one of them matching Joe’s shirt. That one was run thru a Cuttlebug embossing folder over and over until was all embossed and then the top of the embossed parts were sanded with my Tim Holtz sanding disc. I painted the chipboard brackets with acrylic paint and added some glitter. The main title and the date were die cut from Cuttlebug alphabet dies – and yes, I fixed the “2” that slipped down. The flower in the left was die cut and layered and the leaves were die cut using a Sizzix die. The circle on the top right was die cut from the same paper as the skinny strips and then I stamped the small journal stamp on it with wine ink. The word “fun” was a chipboard sticker and I painted it with wine acrylic paint. I added it to that corner so your eye would go around the page – the old invisible triangle trick. The little wine flower at the end of the main title was made from the chipboard commas that came with the pack of alphabet stickers that the word “fun” came from. I knew I would never use them as commas so I painted them (and one small circle) wine and put them together so they look like a flower. The photos were mounted once again on white paper.

Here are the individual pages.


 As you can see, Jack hits left-handed, but he's actually right-handed when he writes. He does all sports left-handed and has since he was a baby and first picked up a plastic hockey stick. Our family is full of ambidextrous people - including yours truly. Joe's sister thought I was left handed for years until she saw me write with my right hand. My grandfather was very ambidextrous and my mother told me once she watched him dip two geese feathers in an inkwell and do a fancy scroll work around both sides of a poster size paper at the same time, and they were identical.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Not ambidextrous here! lol We are all right handers except my brother he is a lefty and has the most beautiful handwriting. They gave him awards for it in school.

Love you layout here. I'm only on my first cup of coffee so i may have already asked you this and if i have i apologize. What is your 'go to' glue for the scrapbook pages? What works best for you?

No rain here.....flirting with 100 every day. But wonderfully cool at saving grace. Hugs! deb

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