Saturday, July 6, 2013

Feeding the Geese

No rain today - yeah! We had a great bike ride - almost 29 km (18 miles) and the weather was great near the lake but a wee bit warm inland - mid to high 80's! We saw a deer about 15 feet away from us and she just looked at us and kept right on eating. However, if I had taken one step into the field she would have been gone.

I thought I would post another scrapbook layout today. This is a two page spread – which I normally do – about the time we took two of our grandsons to a park and after they were tired of the swings and playground equipment we took them down to feed the Canada geese.

Pretty self explainatory really. The background paper came like it is and I just added the photos and journaling tags that also came with the set. All the photos were mounted on white paper with about an 1/8” edge showing. I sometimes use ugly paper I know I will never use and flip it over and use the white side to mount photos on. I know, I’m very thrifty but I hate to waste anything. The large title started out white and I just dabbed blue ink on it to get the right colour and then I outlined each one in black. The words “the”and “fun”were die cut twice from a Cuttlebug Alphabet set, once in light blue and once in black and then the blue was offset on the black so it would have a shadow. A simple layout, clean and neat but lots of photos – that’s my style of scrapbooking.

Here are the individual pages.

As you can see, the boys have no fear of the geese at all - or anything else for that matter. They just about give me a heart attack sometimes when they get playing rough. After all, I had three girls so having young boys is new to me. I did have boys (and girls) from the Children's Aid when I was a foster mother but that was over 40 years ago and they were older children. I had forgotten how rough and tumble little boys are.





jinxxxygirl said...

Its a very nice way of scrapbooking and one i hope to adopt. I like simple. And its so much better than just sticking photos in there little slots in a photo book. But not too over the top crazy like i've seen in some scrap booking. Theres a fine line between 'just right' and 'too much' and i think you nailed it! Hugs! deb

Malika said...

Very Nice,and à fine souvenir to look At

Greatings Malika

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