Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat Wave and a Card

HEAT WAVE! We’re having a heat wave! Oh my, it is a doozy too. Yesterday with the humidity on top of the heat itself, it felt like 40C or 108F! Yes, 108F and I do believe today is pretty much the same….and more of the same on the way for the next few days. Yesterday afternoon I was down in the lower studio (aka the basement) and decided to go out to check the clothesline to see if any of the clothes were dry. I turned to close the door and when I looked up, it was foggy. Foggy? What, fog?  Then I noticed out the side that it was not foggy. It was my glasses. They instantly fogged up as I was closing the door so I didn’t notice it. Yeah, hot and humid for sure. I feel sorry for the people from the lower States who tell their friends they are vacationing in Canada to get away from the heat – surprise!!!
Today’s card is another one from the stash. The paper came from the thrift store and someone had cut it down to the right size for a card so I thought I may as well make a card instead of filing it away for the future.


 I die cut and embossed two of the Spellbinder Peony dies and heavily inked the edges and did the same for around the designer paper. The sentiment is stamped in the same blue. My camera really played havoc with the colours on this card. In fact, I wasn’t even going to post it because the colours are so off but I decided to post it anyway. You will just have to take my word for it that it does all match. The ink around the dies is not quite that bright in real life and the ribbon is not that blue. But it will give you an idea of how to make a quick but elegant card.

 Hope you are staying cool and comfortable where you are!


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jinxxxygirl said...

It is so cool here....78 at 3pm that i have had the windows open all day...heaven! i hope your heatwave passes soon. Maybe you should just hibernate in the basement until then! :) We are back in the 100's come the weekend...uughh....

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