Thursday, August 29, 2013


If you enjoy a good sale, pop on over the "The Frugal Crafter"'s blog - for the link to her business site. Everything is 50% off! I managed to buy a few things!!! I don't buy the digital stamps because I don't have a laser printer and jet ink will run if it gets wet but there is a lot of other things available.

This week I did manage to take a few pictures - no crafting, but photography was still possible.

I spotted one wood duck sitting in the lily pads.

As we got closer I realized there were a pair.
 The male turned and looked at me with a very annoyed look on his face - a little camera shy? 

He turned back and ignored me.
Such pretty ducks.

We also got pretty close to this Great Blue Heron.

These are Caspian Terns in with the gulls.

They migrate thru here only.

Took this the week before in Sarnia.
Very bumpy tree.
That's all for now. I'm off to water the garden.


jinxxxygirl said...

Gosh aren't those wood ducks gorgeous?! We have bumpy trees like that here too. The ones here i think are called a pepper tree or something like that......

I hope Joe is feeling better and please accept my condolences on the lost of Joe's uncle. Its been many years, back when i was teen but i can still vividly remember the time i lost my favorite can be unexpectedly gut wrenching. Sending you good thoughts...Hugs! deb

Lindsay Weirich said...

thanks for the link to my shop, I truly appreciate it! Love that bumpy tree you found and you take such lovely pictures! BTW my kids started school Wednesday, I just got round to posting the video on my blog today:)

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