Monday, August 19, 2013

Pink and Green Should be Seen - together!

Unfortunately I needed to send out a sympathy card today and this is the one I made for them.
Red and Green are opposite on the colour wheel which is why they look good together. Therefore, lighter shades of the same also look good together. This is a card I made in pink and light green using my Spellbinder’s Create-a-Card dies.

First I taped the light green to the pink checkered paper and taped them together and then added the gold peel-and-stick line and glued it all to the card base. The image is a .99 stamp from Hot Off  the Press (Paper Wishes) which was coloured with water coloured pencils with some blue chalk for the sky. Then I started die cutting using one die from the A set and one from the B set which gave me perfect 1/8” borders on each piece. Then I just had to glue them together and on to the base paper. The strips along the border were then layered and added and then the sentiment which is also a peel-and-stick. The flower on the end of the sentiment is made up from left over bits from a peel-and-stick fancy border. No use throwing them out. I just arranged them in a circle, added a gold circle in the centre and made a flower. The bottom borders look crooked but they aren’t – it’s my bad camera shot. I get in a hurry sometimes and don’t notice that I didn’t shoot straight on. The top right corner of the stamped image looked bare so I added three small gold peel-and-stick dots.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!








Jackie said...

You are a crazy busy lady. I have a question for you... how much do you charge for your cards? I need a sympathy card, and a homemade one would be terrific.


CraftyViolet said...

I just charge $2.00 for them. This pays for the material used so I can buy more supplies!!!! Works for me!

Jackie said...

You pick one. You will have to charge me more as I need you to mail it to me, and I live in Canada. how do I pay you?

ps. you can email me at

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