Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turtles and Lesserlegs

I forgot to answer one question from a previous post. Jinxxxgirl asked if I have heard of using baby oil instead of gamsol for blending Prismacolor pencils. Yes, I tried that once but wasn't happy with the blending. It may have been the wrong paper or the wrong pencils though. There are two types of Prismacolor pencils - round ones for blending, one with six-sides for outlining. I didn't realize this when I bought mine and wondered why I had trouble blending only part of the time. I think I was trying to blend using only the six-sided pencils. I now have to buy even more round pencils for blending - darn! I should try the baby oil again and see what happens.

We went to Wheatley Provincial Park today and I got a few shots of some Lesser Yellowlegs and some turtles. Here are my two favorites.

That's all for a beautiful Sunday!

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