Friday, August 16, 2013

Polka Dots and a Cat

It’s Friday! Another weekend is around the corner! Although quite frankly the weekends don’t mean as much as they used to, to me.  Once you are retired you pretty much have six Saturdays and then a Sunday. Hubby on the other hand still treasurers the weekends. To each their own. And, the speech has returned to normal – well, my normal anyway….a humming bird is still a hummington bird when I say it; a snack is a snackamackaracka and I turn the computer officaba, not off…all of these crack Joe up when I say them.

We did have a couple of booboos this week – and expensive ones. Last weekend we went for a walk and of course I carried my camera. Joe suggested I take a spare battery because we would be walking for over two hours. I had small pockets so he agreed to put in is pocket. Well, putting it in was not a problem, remembering to take it out was! Yup, it went thru the washer. We heard a thump, thump, thump in the dryer that night so I went down to find out what was thumping. It was the battery….a $100.00 battery. Oh well, no use crying or getting upset over spilt milk or a washed battery. He felt bad but I think his battery carrying days are over.

Then the other day while I was serging a piece of fabric got caught so I had to stop and remove it and re-thread it, and it kept jamming. After about six times of rethreading it, I gave up and called R.B. Fabrics where I bought it (15 years ago) and I took it in today for him to look at. The needle plate was worn which is why the fabric was catching, and both blades were worn. I confessed they were the original blades; gulp. While he was fixing my serger I browsed the store and found some wonderful Christmas fabric with blocks of cardinals and chickadees on it. We need new Christmas placemats so I bought it; and some matching red and oh, yeah, some light batik fabric for an art doll I want to make. There goes my resolve not to buy new fabric…sigh. I also went over and drooled over the BabyLock Imagine Sergers – self-threading, no tension adjustment required. You can go from thick fabric to cotton and it will automatically adjust the tension. Of course they cost about $2,000 when you add the tax on so I pretty much just drool over them. Rick doesn’t charge for drooling. The serger wasn’t as expensive to fix as I thought so I guess I can’t justify buying a new one…another sigh!

So that’s the booboos of the week. We’ve had worse. Today’s card is for the Stamping Bella challenge and it was to use polka dots on your card – and one of her stamps of course. Well, this has been a busy week and this got left to the last minute. I needed something quick and most of her stamps require colouring. I chose the little kitten stamp which colours up quickly but is so darn cute. Here’s the card.

This time I used water colour paper and water colour pencils, blended with water, of course. Die cut it with Spellbinders circle, and scalloped circle dies and made the banner by hand – I still don’t have a die for those. I took a piece of polka dot paper from the stash and stamped a flourish. Then I added a plain strip of light purple that I stamped some little flowers on before adding the banner and then the stamped image. Then I added a purple gem to the flower his tail is holding. A nice birthday card for a little girl.

That’s it for a Friday. Have a good weekend everyone.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Violet , your gonna shoot me but i thought of some more questions for you!! LOL!

I thought you would be the perfect person to aske..'What is the difference between a sewing machine and a serger?' I may be the only out there who doesn't know but there you go...

AND......I noticed some videos on YouTube that suggested i could use baby oil in place of gamsol....have you ever tried this? Hugs! deb

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