Monday, August 5, 2013

Thinking of You card

Another perfect weather weekend! Temps in the mid 70’s and great biking and hiking. We did another 30.2 km on the bikes on Saturday and yesterday we had a BBQ lunch in Sarnia’s Centennial Park, played 7 rounds of Ladder Ball (I won 4 out of 7, hee hee) and then walked thru the bush for over an hour looking for the green heron, who was not to be found. But, we did see a Kingfisher, lots of Egrets and Blue Herons so that was nice. There was a nice surprise on the way home. Just on the outskirts of Wallaceburg a male peacock came sauntering across the road right in front of us. This was a first. We usually on see peacocks at bird reserves or parks, not out in the country. Joe was able to stop just in time and then the peacock took his sweet time crossing in front of the car. I’m sure the people in the car that came up behind us was wondering why we were stopped – and we did hear a horn beep behind that car. People are so impatient. The bird just wandered off into the weeds and unfortunately I had just put the camera away, so no picture.

I thought I’d post another quick-to-make card today.

These elements came on a sheet but this could easily be duplicated with chipboard letters you have on hand. I just happened to have some background paper that matched the colour of the elements which doesn’t always happen, but is nice when it does! Dig into your stash and use it up making quick cards like this.

Happy Monday everyone.





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Lindsay Weirich said...

the flower "o" is super cute!

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