Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Sympathy Rose

My heart is heavy today after reading about the bus that collided with a train in Ottawa, ON. Unfortunately six people were killed, including a young man my granddaughter knew. She herself is recovering from a concussion she suffered from a car accident earlier this week – an innocent passenger in a car. Sad days for her right now and my heart aches for her.

On a more pleasant note, I looked out the window at 7:30 this morning to see two hummingbirds by the feeder again. Not sure if they are the same two that returned or different ones but they are once again hanging around the feeder. That lifted my spirits for sure.

Last night we had our monthly quilt guild meeting. It’s amazing how talented some of our members are! Awesome in fact! Unfortunately I still was still recovering from the latest brain disorder attack and on top of that I seem to catching a cold so I was glad the meeting ended early. Joe just remarked this morning that “You  sure haven’t had many colds in the last 25 years and yet this is the second one this year.” Hmmm. This is not good. My theory is that my immune system goes down when I have to fight the pain of the brain disorders so that’s why I caught the cold….and no, I don’t take pain meds. I just let it run its course. Oh well, this too shall pass.

Today’s card features a rose from my garden. People seem to like these cards so I keep making them.

Yes, that is a rose from my garden. I used Photoshop Elements to crop it and add in the sentiment and then had them printed off. After that it is a matter of layering them on light and dark green paper and then onto the background paper. This time I used two different papers from the stash for the background and added the gold peel-and-stick where they join. The bow is from the shoe factory outlet believe it or not. They were selling bags of bows for $1.00 so I scooped up several. Unfortunately I think the outlet is now closed.

I tried my hand at painting another water colour card. Still in the very “you can tell this is a beginner’s piece” stage but it’s getting there. Not ready to post them yet but I may one day when I feel you all need a laugh!

That’s all for today folks.






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jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so sorry about your granddaughters accident and that she lost someone she knew. That is so difficult.

Oh Violet show us your watercoloring!! It will be so nice to see how you progress through your new art adventure!! Hugs! deb

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