Monday, September 16, 2013

Niagara Falls Adventure

What a great extra long weekend we had. On Thursday we picked up our youngest grandchild, three year old Finn, and headed for Niagara Falls, Ontario. Their friend that does his daycare had the two days off so we volunteered to look after him. This was Finn’s first trip without Mom and Dad – yup, first child, always with Mom and Dad. As he was climbing into the car I said to him, “Give Daddy a hug goodbye” and waited for the whine and crying and changing of his mind about going. Instead, he simply said “goodbye” over his shoulder and climbed into the car seat. The look on Daddy’s face was priceless. What a prince of a child. He was as good as gold, never whined or cried, ate well and was full of laughs. Here are some of my favorite pictures of him. We didn’t have much time on Thursday afternoon as we were going to my niece’s for supper so we just walked down to the falls and back –about an hour each way. Luckily we had him in a small stroller.

Grandpa had a tight grip on him didn't he?!!

Grandma was a little less tense.

He loved the over-sized statues. This is one of many.

Of course he had to have a pillow fight with Grandpa.
He was Grandpa's little helper with the luggage and cart.
It was misty rain on and off on Friday so we were limited to what we wanted to do. The Butterfly Conservatory was high on the list. He loved the Butterfly Conservatory and he was like the little butterfly whisperer. He would put his hand by one and it would crawl onto his hand. One time he walked it over to Grandpa, let it crawl onto Grandpa’s hand, then back to his, then let it crawl ontothe stone again. Incredible. People were watching him in awe – and the lady in the next photo.

There is a Royal Botanical Garden attached to the Butterfly Conservatory and it was too wet to walk the grounds but we took a picture of him by one of the planters. Beautiful flowers everywhere.

Then we decided to go under the falls. Yes, I, the claustrophobic of all time, dug deep down and braved it out. Finn loved it under there as you can see.

There is no glass behind them. That really is how close you are to the water.
He loved it under the falls!
This is above the falls just as we exited.
He was on the railing and jumped into my arms as a lady took the picture.

Lots of fun photo opps. I told him to pretend we were going over the falls so he was screaming.

After that adventure, we headed back to his house (about an hour and half drive taking the back roads) and had a lovely supper out with his mom. The next morning Janette and Finn picked me up at our motel and I went with them to watch him in soccer camp. It’s an indoor dome and he’s been going before he was two and he calls it the “soccer house”. They don’t actually play a game but are learning how to kick, run, and listen to the coach – at least that’s the premise but after all, they were all three.

A guy has to look good on game day! His favorite hat and coat.

So ready to play a real game!

Stretching is important after a workout!
After soccer the men joined us for a hike where the birds are so friendly they eat out of your hands.
Don't believe me? Check this out.
Finn with his Mom and Dad and Black Bear Grandma bought him at the trail entrance.

That's a Chickadee eating out his hand and his Mom's.
Finn and Grandpa had several eating out their hands at various spots on the trail.
A great way to end a wonderful extra long weekend.
Sorry for the long boring post. Tomorrow I’ll post a card but I had to show you our Niagara Falls adventure photos.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Oh Violet that was far from boring! You have some wonderful photos to treasure!You went under the falls!! And before it was all over you had birds eating out of your hands! Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!! Hugs! deb

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