Monday, October 7, 2013

A "Dazzle" card

What a wet weekend we had and it’s not done yet as more rain is expected this afternoon. They had a reenactment of the war of 1812 which one of the major battles that was fought and won here in Kent County. I sort of wanted to go but a) they were calling for rain and thunderstorms and the last thing I needed was to get wet; b) I don’t like crowds! c) hubby is not interested in history at all and had zero interest in going although he would have gone if I wanted to go; so, we opted to go for a walk at Rondeau instead. We did get an almost 2 hour walk in Saturday afternoon before the rain reached there so that was good.

The bad news of the weekend is that my six year old grandson fell and broke his arm yesterday – bad break, both bones were broke and bent and he has his whole arm in a cast. My daughter said he was a trooper though and expects to go to school tomorrow. Kids are so resilient! Not surprised that this one broke a bone. He has no fear of anything and is a little daredevil. My daughter said the same thing to me…they were expecting it sooner or later. Joe and I were always worried it would happen on our watch when they stayed with us.

For me its week three of laryngitis so I’m off to the doctor’s this afternoon to find out why I keep getting laryngitis. I had it for 7 ½ weeks this spring so this is too much. Besides that I think I should be able to go to Aqua Fit again and hubby wants me to wait until this laryngitis is gone. I know if I go back and get sick again I’ll never hear the end of it so I told him I will get the doctor’s opinion and we will abide by that. End of story.

My order from Paper Wishes came last week – just in time to cure my “I’m tired of all my stamps” blues. Besides a few .99 stamps ($1.29 for us Canadians) I bought a couple packages of their “Dazzles” which are peel-and-stick. This is the card I made from the one with vintage cars.


I peeled off the car and placed it on light brown paper and then carefully cut around it and then glued it to the dark brown/maroonish cardstock that has the torn edge – which was then glued to a piece of black with a torn edge before gluing it to the card base leaving the 1/8” white border. A silver Bic pen was used to colour in the windshield and a gold Bic pen for the headlights. It needed something between the car and the “You’re a Classic” sentiment which also came in the same package as the car so I found a strip in the stash that worked perfectly – this is why you don’t throw out your small bits of paper. This will be a good car for man and I seem to struggle making masculine cards. The beauty of using these peel-and-stick stickers is that you can use the “outies” and the “innies”. This card used the “outie” and I made another card with the bits left on the sheet known as the “innies”. That card will be posted another day.





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Anonymous said...

great card, love the look of the Dazzels! Laryngitis? I could not cope LOL! I hope your grandson feels better soon:)

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