Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Knight with a Red Cape

It was raining when I got up this morning and its still raining this afternoon. We did manage to do some errands this morning in spite of the rain but this afternoon has been “colouring” time. My sweet daughters gave me a gift card to Michaels for my birthday and I’ve hung on to until just the right sale came along. Thursday was the day when all the Prismacolor pencils, paint, etc. was on sale – entire purchase 40% off. So, I bought 20 more Prismacolor pencils and some water colour ink pad and a shimmering water colour ink pad. Each one has 24 colours but they don’t have the names on the colours but that’s okay. I can deal with just looking at them and I don’t have to know which colour is which. I’m just playing with doing some water colouring so I don’t need an expensive set.

But it is getting close to Halloween so I thought I would post a couple more costumes I made for the grandsons.

Here’s Jack at about age 4.
The tunic and hat are made from some strange silver knitted fabric from the discount table at Fabricland. (I will miss Fabricland for cheap material for costumes) I have no idea what else this could be used for but it worked great for the knight costume. I knew it wouldn't stand up for pants so I bought some other heavier silver material for them. The crest was made from scraps and just appliqu├ęd on by machine. The cape came from another pattern I think but it looked great with the knight costume and I decided he needed a cape. Besides its cold in Canada in October so it helps keep them warm. The accessories came from store. I didn’t make them!

This one got passed on to his little brother and likely their cousin, my youngest grandson as well.




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Lindsay Weirich said...

I try and figure out costumes that can work with snowsuits LOL! Looks awesome!

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