Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harry Potter and the Knight

Baseball is finally over in this household! Joe's Detroit Tigers lost to the Boston Red Sox last night so they are done for the year. My Toronto Blue Jays didn't make the playoffs so I've been out of baseball for weeks. Maybe next year Toronto! Gee where have I heard that before - oh yeah, last spring with my Toronto Maple Leafs!!! Well, they are doing well for at the first of this year but they have to have a little more defence if they want to stay on top. Hockey is a long season too so I'm not waving any playoff flags yet. Yup, hubby and I have a "usually" friendly rivalry going on when it comes to sport teams. Except for car racing. We don't pick sides there.

On with the post. Two years ago Jack wanted to be Harry Potter. There are no costume patterns for Harry Potter. This kid almost always picks to be something that I have to make a pattern for (like the Great White Shark from last year which I haven’t posted yet) and this was no exception. Luckily I have a lot of patterns so I just use bits and pieces from 3 or 4 and come up with my own design. Here’s Harry!


The coat was made from an actually coat pattern but adjusted to be longer and with a very wide hood and button closures. The emblem was a chore! It had to look authentic and I managed to do it but after several trials and errors. His parents found him a wavy wand at a festival which was perfect. It's big because he has to fit a winter coat underneath of it. The joys of designed Halloween costumes for the Canadian cold Halloween night.

Yesterday I posted the Knight costume. Well, Seth wore it when Jack was Harry Potter and here they are on Halloween night.

His parents found the perfect scarf and glasses and his dad made the flying broom and they sprayed his hair dark for the night. Can you tell we all love Halloween here! These boys love costumes and Halloween costumes are worn all year on the weekends they play dress up. Fun boys.




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