Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chalkboard Skull Card

What an ugly day! The skies are grey with darker grey clouds and the wind is whipping around something fierce. The tree limbs are bending and twisting in the wind and the fallen leaves are blowing around. It’s been so warm here the last few weeks that we still have a lot of leaves on the trees – including a lot of green ones still. Some trees have the beautiful fall coloured leaves, others not so much. It’s been a strange, strange fall. Hubby read on the Internet that because it’s been so hot in October the Great Lakes are very warm and when it turns cold in November it will create a lot of lake-affect snow and blizzards. Shudder! Let’s hope they are wrong which they often are when it comes to the weather!

Another Halloween card today. This one is for the 9 year old grandson.

Another try at the chalkboard affect. This is another plastic stencil from a pack I picked up a couple of years ago at the dollar store. I held it down on black cardstock and sponged white paint thru the stencil. Like it! Then I distressed the edges and curled them with a bamboo skewer - so many uses for a bamboo stick in the craft room! It was then glued to an orange paper with a stripe down each side which was left over orange paper from the Tim Holtz 6x6 pack. The same stripe was made into a banner and I added the sticker. A nine year old boy will think this is “cool” – I hope!



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