Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happly Halloween

This may be a bit of a long post. Hope you stick around til the end!

Happy Halloween everyone! Still looking like its going to be wet one but with any luck it will stop raining by supper time. Last year I was busy making a lot of costumes for the boys. Seeing as this is October 31st I thought I would end with some photos of them. We got together in October for our Canadian Thanksgiving and tried on all the costumes.

Jack is the one that usually comes up with ideas for costumes that there are no patterns for. I’m not a pattern maker but I do the best I can for him. Last year he wanted to be a Great White Shark. He is our family activist. When he was six he decided to run the Terry Fox 5k race to raise money for cancer research. His mom trained him and he ran the entire 5k. He told his mom that when he got older he was going to start a foundation that would help people who have cancer. Then last year he was watching a documentary about shark finning and decided right then and there that he was going to be marine biologist so he could save the sharks – and the cancer foundation would have to share the money with people who save sharks. Gotta love this kid! So I made him a Great White Shark suit and his mom made him a trick or treat bag and transferred the label on it.

She told me that at every house after he received the treat he would say, “Thank you. Happy Halloween and please save the sharks.” A very polite activist!

Seth wanted to be a Ninja. This one was much easier to construct but the Ninja dragon on the front took awhile to complete!

Janette decided that little Finn (age 2) should be a pumpkin. I actually had a pattern for this one. What a fun costume to make! I did change things though. I like to use patterns but I don’t always follow their instructions. I prefer to use my own shortcuts. Finn was not happy about putting this costume onuntil his Aunt Barbi called it a “pumpkin shirt” instead of a costume. We finnally got him into it but he wasn't all that thrilled about as you can plainly see.

 He still wasn’t thrilled with it but liked it better by Halloween.

Seth ended up with two costumes only because he loves Batman but the costume I made for him when he was three was way too small so I made him a replacement one. The boys like to dress up in the costumes and play in them all year so they are well used. So this is him in his new Batman costume.

This year I didn’t have to make any costumes – boring! Finn got a hand-me-down from his cousins and Jack and Seth decided to go as Zombies – or course - so Barbi did it all. I expect we will see a lot of Zombies tonight. Anyway, the funny thing is, Seth decided to be a Batman Zombie. He is such a funny boy.

Hard to believe that October is now over. Lets hope winter goes just as fast as summer and fall – yeah right!




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