Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Friendly Witch and a Mixed Media Piece

It’s a pretty nice fall day today but of course that will end in the middle of the night when it starts raining….and it is expected to rain for 24 hours. Sounds like its going to be a wet Halloween night. Hate it when that happens on Halloween. The kids so look forward to dressing up and going out door to door. One of my former co-workers told us that when her daughter was about 5 or 6 she came upstairs dressed in her Halloween costume about November 10th. Her mother asked her why she was wearing it and the kids said she just finished the last of her Halloween candy and needed to go get more. I guess there was a major meltdown when she was denied the pleasure of going trick or treating in November. Kids are so funny.

Today’s post is a tole painting I did a few years ago and never posted. My youngest daughter’s mother-in-law is also a tole painter as is her sister-in-law so we, and a few more of their friends, got together one Sunday afternoon and painted The Friendly Witch. Who says witches have to be ugly!


One of the husbands of one of the ladies present cut out all the pieces. The wood is about ½” thick. The hands and pumpkins were separate and added at the end. We made the straw broom ourselves. It was definitely a fun day when we made this one.

This is a mixed media piece I made last year…and it was posted last year too but I thought I would share it again for any new viewers. Hubby’s cousin shows up once in awhile with left over wood and says “I’m sure you can do something with these!” Yes, I can thank you very much!!

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Time to go get some crafting or quilting done. Can’t decide which one I feel like doing today.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Love that witch Violet! Although i must say i'am partial to the scary variety. :) It must be so much fun crafting with friends and family. I'm pretty much the lone crafter of all my acquaintances.

I can remember my daughter growing up and it seemed without fail we would at least have this big cold snap for Halloween so you'd have to figure out how to keep them warm and still decorated... :) Good times though...! Hugs! deb

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