Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creepy Card

 What a busy day today. Aqua Fit in the morning, then some errands after lunch and then another 40 minute walk along the Mud Creek trail. Nice trail for sure but we wish it was a bit longer. I suppose we could walk around the loop twice but we don’t. When we got home I went downstairs for a little craft time and Joe booted up his laptop and it said it wanted to download Windows 8.1. I got it started and went back down to my lower studio and I managed to get one card done and a scrapbook layout started before he called down the laptop needed more information. This procedure is not fast! Wow! Pretty soon it was time to start supper. It was a mistake to try to do this while trying to make vegetarian Italian Wedding soup for supper (which we have renamed Dutch Wedding soup because it’s vegetarian and Joe’s Dutch). I was up and down the stairs so many times it was ridiculous. Joe is not a computer person – except for reading all his favorite sports and newspaper sites. If there is anything different about it I get the call. We (ha, I) finally got it done and luckily everything is still working except his passwords. Man, he has got to learn to do these things himself! Time for some tough love!...learn it or do without. Won’t happen. I’m such a sucker for the puppy dog face he gives me!

This is the last card to show you. This one was made for the oldest grandson and I guess he still likes to get the cards I send him because I got a thank you email message from the day he got it. 

The orange strip was left over from another card but it was rather blah so I put down the skull plastic stencil and sponged some white ink around it. Then I went around the edges with a silver pen. It’s subtle but its there. The edges were inked with black ink. The spider and web were iron-on fabric and I did iron them on – with a piece of paper over the top to protect my iron. The cat was just stamped on.

The four oldest grandchildren also got bookmarks in with their cards. Here they are.


Some were made from left over cardstock from the Tim Holtz paper pack and some were tags. Some blending of ink and some stamping and they were done.  All the grandchildren are readers so they always love the bookmarks I make for them. The nine-year old is a veracious reader and he LOVED the bookmark I sent him. He reads himself to sleep every night. Right now I think he is reading the Goosebumps books. When the boys stay overnight with us I get to read them two stories - always the same two. I showed them lots more books that I have that I could read to them. Nope. Nothing doing. They want the same two books every time. Sometimes you just can't explain kids!




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jinxxxygirl said...

My daughter read the Goosebumps series....does that ever bring back memories! Love those bookmarks! Hugs! deb

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