Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Butterfly's Make me Smile

The SNOW is here! Joe thinks snow is the ultimate four letter word – it doesn’t get worse than that for him. I remind him that LOVE is a four letter word too and he just narrows his eyes and looks away. Yup, he’s a snow-hater for sure. When the youngest daughter was about 13 we had a very old computer with a very limited graphics program but she liked to create calendars on it. Each month she would put a picture in the corner that represented that month. When November came around she had a huge mean looking dinosaur-type thing on it – can’t remember exactly but it was mean looking. When I asked her how that represented November she said, “It was the closest thing I could find with a look Joe gets when it turns cold and snows” ...and she laughed and laughed. Okay, we both did. The kid had him pegged right from the start. Of course she couldn’t wait for him to get home so she could tell him what it was for too which resulted in more laughter. They loved to tease each other. One year for Christmas she bought him a mug that had a picture of a sheep and it said “Bah Humbug” on it – another good laugh and he still has it in his night stand.

I’ve been in my “upper studio” which is a large walk-in closet where I sew and quilt and I’ve been trying to get a quilt finished. I’m doing some free-motion work on it and my desk is not set up right for that so my shoulders get sore. I keep reminding myself not to hunch up but I keep forgetting. I decided it was time for a coffee and banana muffin break – made them after lunch and they are delicious!

Today’s card is one I really like.


This is another one of the butterfly stickers that changed to a greenish-blue colour when I placed one on black cardstock. So, of course, being me, I had to experiment with other coloured paper too. I placed this one on the light yellow one with the lighter lines going through it and although more subtle, it looks very nice. So I went to the stash and pulled out some paper that would go with it and made the card. I found the piece of brown that I had die cut the square scallop for another project and decided it would look nice with the yellow. Then I found the background paper and more brown and glued them all down and then added the gold peel-and-stick lines.

Break is over. Back to the quilting.





jinxxxygirl said...

Lovely card Violet! Wanted to let you know my friend LOVED her card. Thank you so much for helping me make her special day special!

Your muffins sound good. I have turkey chili in the slow cooker. It will be just about right by the time hubby walks in the front door! Stay warm ....and if you don't mind , send some of that snow my way! I LOVE snow! I just can't seem to move out of the desert. Hugs! deb

Lindsay Weirich said...

You can keep the paint moist by adding a couple drops of glycerin or honey to the paint, it works I swear! spray the paint with clear water and add a couple drops, you can add a bit more watercolor paint too if you want, it will keep the paint at a semi moist state. When you are ready to paint just spray with water and paint. The paint in your palette is still good, it just did not have the moisturizing filler in it:)

The paint brand I mentioned is Cotman by Windsor and Newton for a good student brand or M Graham & co for the artist paint I use that is about 40% cheaper then W&N artist paint but equal in quality.

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