Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You're a Classic

Brrrrr. Winter has arrived! It’s just above freezing here in Ontario and we still have some snow on the ground. Guess we better get used it. Something tells me my roses are going to have a hard winter. I waited and waited before trimming them back a bit in the fall to get them ready for winter but it has been so unseasonably warm that they just kept on trying to bloom. So there are a few that did not form rose hips that tell the rose it’s fall and that’s not a good thing. We shall see in the spring how they fared.

Today’s card is another one made from Dazzles from Paper Wishes. They call them Dazzles, I just call them all peel-and-stick because I have so many from various manufacturers. However, I know these are Dazzles so I decided to let you know where I bought them in case you want to order some.
The sentiment “You’re a classic” was also part of the Dazzle package, as was the strip across the centre. I peeled off the car portion and placed it on brown cardstock and then cut around it. I used a silver Bic pen to tint the windows and a white paint for the white wall tires. The car seemed to be floating so I added some gold lines from other peel-and-stick packages so it had something to ride on. The background papers are from my stash and I just inked around the edges. Except for cutting around the car, this was a very quick card to create.







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jinxxxygirl said...

So funny how different it is... i would never trim roses in the fall ... that would just make them continue to try to grow.... wouldn't it? I know we already discussed this... lol you just happened to mention it again.... :) Hope they all turn out fine in the spring. Keeping fingers crossed.. Hugs! deb

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