Monday, December 2, 2013

A Card and a Doll Quilt from Scraps

I was going to post this card last week but the computer died before I got it posted. So, without further delay, here’s today’s card.
I had posted a card a couple weeks ago using a Memory Box die leaf wreath using a leftover piece of dark green cardstock. The dark green was already cut in this odd shape but to me it looked like a birdhouse so I trimmed it even and I placed a bird behind the opening (also a piece of leftover paper). Then I simply die cut another wreath of leaves in lighter green and placed it inside where the other was cut from in the dark green and then glued them to the bird paper. I had a bit of the light green left over so I used decorative scissors to cut a scallop edge and placed it on the roof behind the dark green. Then I found a piece of brown for the pole, glued it all together and then glued it to the background piece and added the peel-and-stick sentiment. So this card was made from leftover scraps that were leftovers from another card. Hey, waste not, want not people! Use those scraps.

On Friday I was sorting through some fabric scraps that someone dropped off. I seem to have the reputation of liking to make scrap quilts so fellow quilt guild members sometimes drop off their small fabric scraps for me to use up. Sometimes when we open the door in the morning to get the newspaper, there by the door is another bag of fabric scraps. This usually gets an eye-roll and mutter from Joe – which I ignore. In this bag of scraps was a partially completed block of squares. I found another strip that needed to sewn on and did so and ended up with a nice 8” square….but what to do with it. Well, here’s the finished product.

The small red, green and beige squares were in the bag of scraps.  After a search through my own stash I found a cream strip of fabric that was very close in colour to the beige in the block and added it to the sides but darn I didn’t have enough for the ends. So I added four squares to the end pieces and ended up with a larger square. Mmmhh. Not what I really wanted. So, back to my own stash and I found six flying geese in various greens left over from my Christmas wall-hanging and I added them to opposite sides and bingo I had a doll quilt. Then I just had to layer it with baking and batting and quilt it.
Here it is sitting by a teddy bear on my ironing board. This gives you a better idea of how big it is - or in this case, how small it is. (ignore my messy shelves) These two items were donated last night at the Chatham Maroons hockey game for the Goodfellows “No child without a Christmas” program. They collected a huge pile of bears and toys last night. Chathamites are very generous people!
Speaking of scraps, last week there were 12 of us making quilts that are donated to ChildCan that gives one to each child diagnosed with cancer. Most of these are scrap quilts too but the children really appreciate them. If you are a quilter or sewer with leftover pieces of material, contact your local quilt guild and ask if they have a use for them…or donate them to a school for art projects…or stuff them into pillows and donate them to an animal shelter for the kittens and puppies to sit on. Let’s recycle and reuse these scraps and keep as much as we can out of the landfill….and spread some joy along the way.





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