Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slippery Sidewalks and Fish Cards

I think I’ve frozen some brain cells. I’ve been messing up dates and so far I missed the annual Christmas luncheon with the group from Aqua Fit and missed the Christmas luncheon with the group that makes quilts for kids with cancer. Both times I’ve been a week off. Now with the last one there is a funny story. It was a pot lunch and I was going to make a casserole (which is what started the casserole carrier/cover sewing) and had everything ready to assemble Sunday night. However I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning as well so being raised right, thanks Mom, I emailed the hostess and told her about the appointment and told her if the doctor was running late that I may be a little late as well. She emailed me back saying I was a lot more than a little late, the luncheon was the Monday past. Oh oh. My bad. Now, did she give us printed invitations – yes. Was it sitting right beside me at the computer – yes. Did I open even once to check the date – no! She gave them out at the last quilt get-together and my friend asked what date the luncheon was and someone said 16th. Now, she must have been answering someone else but my friend and I both thought it was the 16th. She said she wasn’t able to go that day but I was going to go and as soon as I got home I wrote down the 16th so I wouldn’t forget. The best of intentions gone awry once again. Now comes the funny part. As I was explaining all this to Joe I said it was good I had sent her an email saying I might be late so I didn’t show up with a casserole and we both said at the same time: him – “That would have been embarrassing”. Me: “That would have been funny”. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “That would not be funny. It would be embarrassing”. I just laughed and told him I thought it would be funny and if she hadn’t started lunch yet, I would have stayed and shared my casserole. He just shakes his head at me. Obviously I’m hard to embarrass.

After lunch we decided to walk to the mall. Yikes, not the best idea we’ve ever had. We had a major snow storm on the weekend and the sidewalks are not cleared well at all and it was tough going. However, I did get some much needed exercise and finished my Christmas shopping – 100% done! Now to wrap everything – which I actually enjoy.

I’ve had enough snow so I’m posting a card without any sign of winter on it at all. Today’s card is another card for a man, but instead of a car, it’s a fish card.


This card turned out better than I thought it would. It was another experiment using those   stickers that are just the out line of an image that I call peel-and-stick and some left over paper. I peeled off the fish and glued it to a piece of paper that I had sponged several colours on and cut around the edge – same with the shells. I had die cut a label from that grungy brownish-gray paper for another card and decided to use it up instead of tossing it. So, I die cut another label in white from the same die and then cut in about 1/8” all around to make it a wee bit smaller than the other opening. The brown paper with the negative die cut label was grunged up a bit more along the edges and then glued to a navy blue piece of cardstock that I ripped the bottom off. Then the fish was glued to the white label and then glued inside the negative space. Then I added some clear gems to look like air bubbles. Then the shells were added and the peel-and-stick sentiment. My cousin’s husband likes to fish so this card is likely going to him.

That’s it for a snowy cold Tuesday.





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