Monday, December 16, 2013

Warm Winter Wishes

It’s beginning to look like……a cold winter day!’s -8C (17F) and that’s with the sun shining. Fooled you didn’t I? Yes, it’s beginning to look like Christmas as well but we are now expecting rain both Thursday and Friday so the snow may be all gone before Christmas. We seldom have a white Christmas here in Chatham-Kent but about 1 ½ hours down the road in Middlesex County they usually have snow from November to March because they are in one the snow belt areas. In case you are not familiar with that term, it’s the areas in Ontario that get with winter storms that form over the great lakes. Luckily they usually miss us….but not always. In fact, Joe just read the weather report and after two days of rain, they are predicting more snow for Saturday. Welcome to Ontario's weather....if you don't like the weather, give a day or two and it will be completely different.

So, seeing it is cold I thought I would post a little mixed media project I created called Warm Winter Wishes. I must not have held the camera steady as it looks a little fuzzy so ignore that please.

 This one is made using a piece of wood (about 14" high by 4" wide) that Joe’s cousin, who is a carpenter, dropped off one day. He had these odd shaped pieces and cut them into a house shape and said he figured I could do something with them – thank you, yes I can! This one is the usual background of paper, paint and ink. The cups are fabric. The letters were drawn with a stencil and then painted blue with acrylic ink and then I went over them with some metallic sparkly paint. Then I added white acrylic paint all around them to really high-light them. I added some dark paint around the cups by mixing some blue and brown acrylic paint and then I made a boo-boo. I decided to add some of my homemade glimmer mist over the cups to make them shimmer and it did, but, it made them darker and they lost that nice fresh look. So, I cut out more cups and glued them on top with Modge Podge and now I like it.

Well, I’m off to deliver poinsettias to the nursing home so that’s all for now.

 Take care all.



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jinxxxygirl said...

That is just fabulous Violet! I love it! Especially how you used the dark blue around them. Perfect! Hugs! deb

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