Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Family

Cold, cold, cold and snowy here and it’s not expected to stop either one for days. I’m housebound again so I should get a lot of crafting done. We had a Cooper’s hawk on our back fence this morning but luckily all the song birds had enough warning and they escaped. He left before I could get a picture of him though. Right now we just have light snow falling but the roads are getting slippery from what I hear.

Last night I was sending out my Christmas cards and because I don’t do assembly line cards and everyone gets a different design I have to go through all the ones I make and save to my computer during the year and rename it to who receives it. Then I check to make sure they didn’t get the same stamped image as the year before. It takes awhile but I’m so used to doing it now it goes pretty quickly. I start making Christmas cards in January so I have them all done by the end of September. If I didn’t do it that way, I would have to do the assembly line bit. Speaking of assembly line card making, to see a very good tutorial on how to do this, check out the video that The Frugal Crafter has on her blog, or her YouTube channel. I’ve made this swing card before and it is a fun card to make. I didn’t have the template she used so I just made my own out of x-ray film, which you can’t find anymore because they have all gone digital.

So, anyway, here is one Christmas card that I forgot to post earlier on.
The image as coloured with Tombow markers. The background is just Christmas paper glued to white card base with some red and green cardstock on top for some interest. Then the ribbon was added across the top. Before gluing down the image I wrapped some shiny thread around it and added the bow, which came from the shoe factory warehouse. This one is going in the mail today to one of my great-nieces.

That’s all for a cold snowy Wednesday!




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