Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brrrrrr it's definitely winter now!

Brrrrrr. Its -8ºC (17ºF) here today and with the wind chill it feels like -19ºC or -2ºF. We absolutely had to leave the house today to get some groceries. It just couldn’t be put off any longer, especially when we are not going to see the temperature back up towards 30ºF until Tuesday. Besides I had to get my Christmas cards in the mail or they will never get to where they are going.
I thought I’d post another card made from Dazzles, which are just peel-and-stick stickers from Paper Wishes. I use these all the time just to add a little oomph to cards. This one was made using their vintage car sheet. Everything looks crooked but its my bad camera angle.

First I made a light brown card and set it aside. I peeled off the old car and placed it on brown cardstock and carefully cut around the edges. This does take some time but I like the effect so it’s worth it. Then I took that light green cardstock and ripped one edge and inked all around it with brown ink. Once I glued the car down I added some left over strips of gold from other peel-and-stick sheets. Then I stamped the sentiment on the same light green cardstock, inked the edges and once glued down, I added the gold bumpy peel-and-stick lines top and bottom. It’s always hard to make cards for men and I really like how these ones have turned out so I think next time I place an order with Paper Wishes I’ll buy another sheet of these.

Stay warm and be safe!




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thefrugalcrafter said...

brr, it was 2 degrees F when I left for the craft fair this AM, too cold! Love the card, stay warm!

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