Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Raven

When we came home on Sunday afternoon there was very little snow left – just where it was piled up. This morning we have snow again – and it’s still snowing. As we were looking out the front window Joe spotted a couple of cars stopped by the corner and then he noticed they were talking to a man in an electric wheelchair. Obviously either the man or the wheelchair was in trouble and yet two total strangers stopped to help him. As we watched several other people stopped and obviously asked if they could help too before being waved on. Life in a small city! It does have its advantages. A van soon appeared with a chair lift to rescue him. Chatham is a very friendly city for sure. When I first moved here I was shocked to see all the vehicles stop, and pedestrians stop on the sidewalk, when a funeral procession was advancing or moving past. They still do this today too. Talk about respect! The world needs a little more of that.

Today is pillow number three. This son-in-law likes crows and ravens. He obviously doesn’t live in Chatham where about 75,000 crows come into the city at dusk to spend the night roosting where it’s warmer. Not kidding! A couple of years ago I made him a wall-hanging with crows and apples so I decided to use part of the same pattern to make him a matching pillow. Here’s the pillow.


 Here’s the matching wall-hanging. It's about 35"x35" and I posted a couple of years ago but thought it would be good to post it again. You don't have to use a pattern as it is. Change it, use part of it and make it your own.
 So much fun to sew and quilt for people who appreciate it.

And that’s the last post for 2013! Happy New Year everyone! If you are going out tonight, drive safely or take a taxi. We’ll be home in our pj’s watching the big ball drop – if we can stay awake that long!





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jinxxxygirl said...

I love Ravens myself and these are lovely Crows. We will be in our pjs too. Hopefully we can make it until the ball drops. Looking forward to watching the Rose Parade tomorrow morning on TV too. Happy New Year Violet!!! Hugs! deb

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