Monday, December 30, 2013

The Wolf

Tired today. Even though we took the train to the daughter’s house, it’s still travelling and travelling makes a body tired. However, I’m determined to get out of the house and get a little exercise even though it’s -9C (15F) but it may involve a walk around the mall a few times instead of outside. We normally park a few blocks from the mall and then walk around the mall and back to the car so we get some fresh air. But I’m also going over to a friend’s house to show her how to use Photobucket. Hope she’s got some computer skills!!!

Today’s post is another one of the pillow tops I made as gifts. This one is the “Wolf” and seeing as my oldest grandson’s (14) middle name is Wolf, I just had to make him one too. Same procedure as the Eagle pillow I posted yesterday and from the same book….with the same changes.

Joven really liked it and I think that was partly because only the "adults" got handcrafted gifts this year. Normally the younger grandchildren get pajamas from me but with Fabricland gone there is no place close by to buy flannelette so I had to buy them pj's this year.

I did get a new set of Spellbinder dies for Christmas so I’m heading down to the lower studio when I get home this afternoon to try them out. I was way to tired last night to even think about being creative.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Love those pillows Violet! My son-in-laws last name is Villalobos. So he loves all things wolf related. :) He would love that pillow.

15F Brrr..... Its 62F here for the high today. Crazy. Thats about 15 degrees above our norm for this time of year and its gonna be that way all week. Hugs! deb

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