Friday, December 13, 2013

Casserole Cover/Carriers

This is the second post today so if you want to see today’s card, just scroll on down!
These are the casserole cover/carriers I just made and these ones are extra’s and up for sale - $10.00 each.

These are them folded up.

This is what they look like flat.
They will hold a very large casserole dish and the first corners that you fold together have Velcro to keep the casserole in place. Then you take the corner with the large handle and fold it and the opposite corner together, placing the handle thru the loop and pull tight. Now your casserole is secure and will stay warm – although you should carry it with your hand on the bottom as well. If you live in Chatham and are interested in any of these, let me know – first come, first served. I only have five to sell.





Anonymous said...

those are lovely Violet!

Malika said...

Lovely your casserole covers


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