Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Using a Negative Space

The bitter cold continues – what else is new! No one can remember this many cold days in a row. This is Canada after all and we do have a few nights each winter where the temperature drops well below freezing but nothing like this year. So glad we have a nice warm house but my heart aches for those that don’t fare as well, especially the homeless….although I’m sure they would have to go to one of the many shelters in this kind of weather.

I was checking The Frugal Crafter's videos yesterday and she showed a pencil box she designed and her husband made for her to hold her Prismacolor pencils. It had dividers and a sliding lid. I loved it and wanted one so I emailed Joe's cousin who is a carpenter asking him if he was interested in making me one, or two, and if so how much. He quoted me a price and I ordered two..one for the pencils and one for my Tombow markers....and he showed up right after lunch with them! Wow, talk about service. He is semi retired so I think he was happy to have something to do. His wife came with him and we had a lovely long coffee break and catch up visit with them. If you are ever in need of inspiration or answers to crafting questions, by all means check out The Frugal Crafter's blog or Youtube channel.

Today’s card was made using the negative of the flowers that I put on yesterday’s card.

I took another piece of the pretty shiny paper and cut it 4 x5.5 and die cut the flower right in the middle. That is the flower I used on yesterday’s card. I made sure I saved the couple little pieces that are needed to separate the stems. Then I die cut just the flowers from a darker piece of cardstock and glued them into the hole. A piece of green paper was glued to the back for the stems and leaves. Then I glued the entire thing to a white card base. The sentiments, decorative strip and little dots in the flowers are peel-and-stick stickers. I pretty much always use the negative piece when I die cut these designs. So much better than wasting a pretty piece of paper. Two cards instead of wasted paper - why not!

One of my subscribers, Jinxxxygirl, asked me to photograph the white butterfly stickers that turn green on black paper. I finally remembered to do that and I’ll post it and a card using one of the butterflies tomorrow.




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