Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Gold and BLue

Well yet another snow storm blew in last night, not that we needed any more! About 11:00 last night I looked out the front and realized that the high wind blowing the new snow around covered up all the ugliness of the old snow. No more footprints, ruts or dirty brown snow. Everything was bathed in a smooth coat of pure white snow. Of course that only lasted until everyone got out shovelling and walking around this morning. The only good news about it that it brought some much needed warmer temperatures that are going to stick around all week. Yay!

While Joe was out shovelling the driveway this afternoon, much to my dislike, I decided to bake him something new. A couple of weeks ago someone posted a recipe for Luscious Lemon Brownies on Facebook so I printed it off and decided to bake them today. I kept reading the recipe looking for baking powder but it didn’t call for any. I thought to myself, “How are these going to rise without baking powder?”  The answer is; they don’t! I have a huge not-so-luscious-and-a-little-bit dry lemon pancake! Guess I should have followed my first instinct and just added some. I’ll toss this recipe and find a different one.

Today’s card is another one I made using a piece of dark blue paper in my stash.

As I was sorting out my stash I found this dark blue piece of cardstock that had the oval already cut out. Time to use it! I took a gold peel-and-stick flower and placed it on white cardstock and then cut around it. It was coloured with Tombow markers. I made a card base out of the light beige/tan and glued the blue on top, with the flower popped up with dimensional glue dots within the oval. Then a string of gold wavy lines was added around the oval (they had come loose and are crooked in the photos but I fixed them later on) and then added the peel-and-stick gold corner treatments and sentiment. I think it turned okay, once I fixed those wavy lines.

I started a new quilt yesterday. Not sure how this is going to turn out but it has been interesting. I was getting way too many 2 ½” strips so I pulled out a piece of red material and cut as many 2 ½” squares as I could. Then I started to sew one strip onto one red square and just continued one after the other. I actually started with seven squares so there was less starting and stopping. I got them all sewn yesterday and then I sewed them all end to end so I have one long strip. The idea is to then sew them together, splice it, sew together again, and on and on. There is a name for this type of quilt but for the life of my I cannot remember it. Most of time, they just join two strip together at a 45ยบ angle but that’s too fussy for me so I did it my own way. We shall see if this turns out to be a quilt I can give as a gift or if it becomes the one we grab when we need a blanket we don’t care about.

That’s all for a Tuesday!

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