Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Slippery Walk and a Hummingbird Card

Yesterday morning I looked out the front window to see a lady and her little boy, about 3 at the most, walking down the street, on the street, and I wondered why in the world she was walking on the street and not the sidewalk. What a thing to teach a small child. Tsk tsk tsk. Bear in mind that I had not been out of the house since last Wednesday! Yesterday I made a quick dash to the church to drop off some fabric for them but it was to the car, to the church, to the car, and home. I didn’t pay any attention to the sidewalks at all. This morning my sister-in-law called needed a ride right after lunch so Joe and I decided to get a walk in this morning. Not one of our brighter ideas! Holycamoli (or holy macaroni as my 6 year old grandson says) what a mess the sidewalks are. The un-shoveled sidewalks had been full of snow that people trampled on so full of ruts. Then, we had some mild temperatures on the weekend that caused some snow to melt and then it turned cold again which caused a layer of ice to form and then we had more snow. What a mess. Even the sidewalks that were shoveled were slippery because of the melting snow run-off and then freezing. We almost fell on our keesters more than a couple of times when we were on the sidewalks. Sorry lady with the little boy for tsking at you – you were right to walk on the road.
Here’s another one of the stamped and embossed hummingbird cards. This one is in embossed in gold.
This one had lots of room around it so I die cut it with one of the Spellbinder’s fancy rectangle dies and lightly dusted some blue chalk around the bird. I see lots of bloggers making cards using many layers of fancy white die cuts so I decided to give it a try. So I die cut two of the medium fancy rectangle and a fancy square. I laid them out on to a piece of designer paper (from the stash) that I glued to the card base but it just didn’t do a thing for me. Blah! I know everything I did the other day seemed blah. So I put the die cut pieces back into the dies and sponged pink ink through the openings to add just a hint of colour. Once I layered them all again I liked it better and glued them all down. The sentiment was stamped in a hot pink and I added the large pink bow on the vertical which draws the eye right to the stamped image. This card should brighten someone’s birthday for sure.
They are predicting another 8 inches of snow here tonight. I don’t think we’ll be walking tomorrow morning!

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